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Some topics where we can support you.


Audit your currenct e-commerce activities. Where should you improve? How can you increase customer satisfaction?.


Where to invest your marketing budget? We analyse your data in order to better attribute the value of your marketing channels. We visualise this with dashboards.


Everything starts with data. We create and implement plans for advanced tracking of website visitors, while still respecting GDPR.


Brands we're working for and case studies.

Dashboard Visualizers



Analytics setup

Austrian furniture retail chainr

AdWords management

Swiss furniture retailer

Programmatic advertising

Romanian B2C retailer

Product Remarketing Ads

B2B Client

Amazon Marketing Services


A small team of highly skilled and to the point experts. Are you working with an agency because they are "nice"? We only care about results.

  • 2009-2011

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Many of our employees graduated in these years and everyone had their first steps in digital marketing and e-commerce.

  • 2016

    People met eachother

    Our people go back to 2016 when they met eachother.

  • 2017

    Working together on projects

    Many of us started to work together on projects, each with a different point of view. We started to develop a bond.

  • 2018

    Starting an agency

    In our careers we've worked wiht many agencies. None of the agencies was perorming well and none of them could think outside the box and beyond their scope of work. Stories like "we don't send reports because they trust us" or "the agency are always so nice and always pick up the phone" made us throw up inside our mouth.

    That's why we've started this digital agency. No bullshit, just results.

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Our Amazing Team

Our team consists of 5 international people, each with a different discipline.


Head of Business Intelligence


Founder / CEO


Head of online marketing

Digital Globetrotters. We travel and like to work on international projects. Everyone in our team has a diffferent background and passion for travel and cultures. We like to explore and go beyond to gain new experiences.

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